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Kesha : I've been playing around with JaxBoards code lately, figured I should share it here: Topic #1142
Kesha : always thinking about jaxboards
superdimentiobros : 2018 baby
Bibby : #MakeJaxboardsGreatAgain
Sean : Always good to know how many of you still use Jaxboards - thanks for texting me about the domain expiration. I've renewed it and updated the email address so that it won't happen again. :)
Jimmy : is anyone else posting here in 2016? I am
Bryan : WOOO!
Kesha : always impressed by jaxboards loyal fanbase
Bibby : JaxBoards4ever
JJstorm : NEVER!!! LIVE JB LIVE! Doctor!!!
Icon30k Star Fighter
Fly through space as a star fighter. Shoot down alien ships using lasers and upgrade your ship.
Top Score: sivart0 - 165250
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Plays: 2826Your score: N/A
Top Score: Thomas - 18010
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Plays: 2767Your score: N/A
IconBurger Time
The best game!
Top Score: Sean - 15200
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Plays: 3134Your score: N/A
A futuristic pong style game where you can put spin on the ball to defeat the opponent.
Top Score: Sean - 21525
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Plays: 2907Your score: N/A
Destroy the invading ships.
Top Score: sivart0 - 11630
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Plays: 2698Your score: N/A
IconGold Miner
Use your claw and reel to mine gold and other treasures out of the earth.
Top Score: Sean - 14375
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Plays: 2695Your score: N/A
IconHeli Attack 2
Shoot down as many helicopters as you can before your health runs out.
Top Score: Mario_Man - 27412
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Plays: 2683Your score: N/A
The classic. Control the helicopter by clicking.
Top Score: - N/A
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Plays: 2733Your score: N/A
IconHomerun Rally
Hit as many home runs as you can. Click on the X for maximum power.
Top Score: Sean - 9
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Plays: 2721Your score: N/A
IconKitten Cannon
Launch a defenseless kitten into a field of explosives and peril!
Top Score: Kesha - 2121
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Plays: 2902Your score: N/A
IconMini Putt 2
Set angle and power hit the ball with your putter bounce around walls to get a hole in one.
Top Score: tj - 69
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Plays: 2695Your score: N/A
IconMoon Lander
Land your space shuttle on the landing pad, but be careful! It's made of aluminum paper.
Top Score: sivart0 - 1600
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Plays: 2673Your score: N/A
The classic. Ms. Pacman is arguably better, though.
Top Score: Bibby - 8780
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Plays: 2755Your score: N/A
Eat dots with the string of moving dots. Make the string of dots get longer. It's fun. Really!
Top Score: Sean - 2592
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Plays: 4005Your score: N/A
IconSpace Invaders
The classic arcade game is back! Kill the aliens before they kill you!
Top Score: Sean - 49910
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Plays: 2622Your score: N/A
Destroy the blocks with the blocks! Good luck getting that straight piece, it never shows up when you want it to.
Top Score: - 30702
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Plays: 2705Your score: N/A