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Kesha : always thinking about jaxboards
superdimentiobros : 2018 baby
Bibby : #MakeJaxboardsGreatAgain
Sean : Always good to know how many of you still use Jaxboards - thanks for texting me about the domain expiration. I've renewed it and updated the email address so that it won't happen again. :)
Jimmy : is anyone else posting here in 2016? I am
Bryan : WOOO!
Kesha : always impressed by jaxboards loyal fanbase
Bibby : JaxBoards4ever
JJstorm : NEVER!!! LIVE JB LIVE! Doctor!!!
Thomas : rip jaxboards
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HIlike a muh fuckin hawk
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Skin not loading properlyplease help

Skin Name: Ambiance for Jaxboards

Author: Thomas Boxley


Ambiance is my first Jaxboards theme. It is heavily based on the Ubuntu website and my website. The combination of purple and orange resulted in a very sexy color scheme.

The skins itself is open source, licensed under the Creative Commons CC BY-SA 3.0 license. However, any resulting work must contain my URL.

I hope you enjoy using Ambiance as much as I enjoyed making it. If you find any bugs, just post them here.

Download: Click Here (, Released February 21, 2011.)