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Kesha : always thinking about jaxboards
superdimentiobros : 2018 baby
Bibby : #MakeJaxboardsGreatAgain
Sean : Always good to know how many of you still use Jaxboards - thanks for texting me about the domain expiration. I've renewed it and updated the email address so that it won't happen again. :)
Jimmy : is anyone else posting here in 2016? I am
Bryan : WOOO!
Kesha : always impressed by jaxboards loyal fanbase
Bibby : JaxBoards4ever
JJstorm : NEVER!!! LIVE JB LIVE! Doctor!!!
Thomas : rip jaxboards
what does god need with a starship?
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user ignore featurecould be c00l
autosave featureare YOU tired of typing out brilliant, insightful, informative posts only to accidentally hit the back button or the x? i know i am. thats why jaxboards needs an autosave feature.

autosave: it will autosave lives!

account merging insectsso after messing around a bit, i have noticed that

1. if you merge two accounts, post count seems to reset to zero (either that, or it just takes the post count of the account you merged it with. i merged an account with posts with one lacking them, so idk if it automatically goes to zero or what ). recounting statistics fixes this though.

2. on the side of a subforum, if the last post was from the account you merged, it says that NOBODY made the last post.

3. on the bottom of the page, the merged accoutn does not show up.

all i've noticed so far but maybe theres more idk
words of wisdomdon't ever talk to a girl who says she just has a friend
problem with switching editor moderoladka found this.

basically ordered lists, unordered lists, and background colors become UNDEFINED once you switch the editor mode.

before switching:

  1. fgfgg
  • ggggjdc


[bgcolor=rgb(255, 0, 0)][/bgcolor]undefinedundefined
vimeo embed optionwould be cool.