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Kesha : I've been playing around with JaxBoards code lately, figured I should share it here: Topic #1142
Kesha : always thinking about jaxboards
superdimentiobros : 2018 baby
Bibby : #MakeJaxboardsGreatAgain
Sean : Always good to know how many of you still use Jaxboards - thanks for texting me about the domain expiration. I've renewed it and updated the email address so that it won't happen again. :)
Jimmy : is anyone else posting here in 2016? I am
Bryan : WOOO!
Kesha : always impressed by jaxboards loyal fanbase
Bibby : JaxBoards4ever
JJstorm : NEVER!!! LIVE JB LIVE! Doctor!!!
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Jimmy : then I will reshout
Sean : oops. accidentally deleted a bunch of shouts
DarkfrostTGFM : then jimmy, put it in a fourm that only YOUR guys can vote in
Jimmy : Mr Sean
Jimmy : When we take a vote on which harbor, someone might say "ooooo attack New york, kill the yankee's" which would put us vs Black suns... which is massive
Jimmy : Well my thought was only the members would vote... the poll not important but what about
DarkfrostTGFM : UNLESS its about demoting some1. or promoting some1
DarkfrostTGFM : yea, i have my members vote, and then reply to what they voted for.
Stephen : i wouldn't trust open internet polls that all multiple votes per ip ever.
Kesha : i wouldn't trust forum polls at all ever lol
Kesha : a better way to do stuff like that though is have people post or PM their votes
Kesha : are you using jaxboard's polls? you can't then
Jimmy : which btw, how can I tell who voted for what
Jimmy : main reason im pissed about non members voting is because theres some things fleet members deside on theirselves
Jimmy : sean, on our forum, u got the wrong vibe, only reason i wanted to move is caueof events, whih your working on
Jimmy : Im up at 2 reading about submarines... im so wierd
Sean : sup jimmy the humbled
Jimmy : hi Mr.Sean almighty
Jimmy : theres a topic about him, In our idiots with boats forum
DarkfrostTGFM : hes in Phoenix squad, so carch nd pigger.
DarkfrostTGFM : i managed to merge the pages into the code so i can edit the news pages and watch the new roll. and ill talk to blaw
Jimmy : he's leeches, aa'd my planes, tk'd me, interupted our recruiting processes etc
DarkfrostTGFM : i need to get it fixd, but no luck yet
DarkfrostTGFM : im tryin to get my news board rolling
DarkfrostTGFM : i trid tht it didnt wrk
DarkfrostTGFM : hmm.
Jimmy : css, ummm background: url (link here); i think
DarkfrostTGFM : why is that jimmy
Jimmy : hes an ass, a nooby one at that
DarkfrostTGFM : and do you know the CSS coding to make images appear?
DarkfrostTGFM : why KoS?
Jimmy : also, is that blaw40 dude still with you. we issuded a KoS on him
Jimmy : new sqd will be named SSF.Hornets, or just Hornets in battle
Jimmy : Well, our SiC got banned, we are /movemember'ing ppl out of there, We have a few new possible ldrs
DarkfrostTGFM : :0 sean left my site but the problem is still ther :'(
DarkfrostTGFM : Yea, we are creating a new squad in place of a fully inactive squad.
Jimmy : Well, we are rebuilding the SSF.Hwrrd squad
DarkfrostTGFM : XD ikr.
DarkfrostTGFM : and he is still a squad leader
DarkfrostTGFM : By many complaints and vote, rabbit offered to step down. He is now Squadron Commander (newly created job) and 2nd admin
Jimmy : Seans probally like "these nf dudes are pushy"
Jimmy : ... what happened to rabbit
DarkfrostTGFM : And sean hates me more. hes prolly like, damn that darkfrost dude needs to stfu so i can finish my other updates.
DarkfrostTGFM : Idc. Oh, my fleet has a new Vice-Fleet Master.
Jimmy : Sean loves me more
DarkfrostTGFM : lol i hope hes helping with my whole news problem
DarkfrostTGFM : I was here first jimmy
Jimmy : Mr. Sean
sivart0 : bluh
sivart0 : :bunchies:
sivart0 : [bunchies]
sivart0 : bunchies
sivart0 : so i heard you like...
Sean : I'm also working on ratings before I upload all of my changes. I'm about sick of that "Rated!" half assed alert box
Stephen : stupid brother got me hooked on HoN and i'm not even any good at it...
DarkfrostTGFM : alrite. thx. ill b here
Sean : mostly because a bit of javascript that I'm writing for the calendar events widget will help you out
Sean : and I plan on posting a response to it after I'm done
Sean : I saw your topic
DarkfrostTGFM : lol ok.
Sean : I can't really help you right now, I'm working on calendar events
DarkfrostTGFM : lol i have some stuff in support i really need help on
DarkfrostTGFM : sean
Jimmy : can I im ya?
Jimmy : I have soem cool ideas
Sean : but I guess these things can happen
Sean : domains are SUPPOSED to be something you just set up and forget about
Jimmy : do some promotion in game :r
Jimmy : since, jaxboards is being used by at least 3 nf fleets, mighta as well know the game
Jimmy : if you have time, you should try nf ^^
Sean : I never expected anyone else to see that
Sean : that was a little naive on my part
Jimmy : though domain was stolen or service was hacked
Sean : should be done before morning, I'll be working on em tonight
Jimmy : the hehehe was what scared me
Sean : I decided to go ahead and get calendar events out just to show you guys I still care
Sean : well, even though the outage isn't my fault
Jimmy : we're mid sized atm
Sean : this outage wasn't even my fault
Jimmy : In 5 years, we might be a top fleet
Sean : any outages will be temporary
Sean : I have no plans to discontinue the service anytime in the next 5 years
Jimmy : the guys we broke away from, we hate each other guts
Sean : yeah, while jaxboards isn't currently being actively worked on
Jimmy : We're gonna be fighting our arch rivals
Jimmy : good to ahve our data back though ^^
Jimmy : which during outage, we moved back to zb, didnt k now if it was perment
Sean : yeah doesn't surprise me
Jimmy : jcink dues were trying to get me to convert
Sean : I just don't have a lot of time to work on things these days
Sean : also, I heard that told you I was quitting jaxboards or abandoning it or whatever
Jimmy :
Jimmy : =D
Jimmy : =p
Sean : I'm working on calendar events
Jimmy : no
Sean : guess what