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Kesha : I've been playing around with JaxBoards code lately, figured I should share it here: Topic #1142
Kesha : always thinking about jaxboards
superdimentiobros : 2018 baby
Bibby : #MakeJaxboardsGreatAgain
Sean : Always good to know how many of you still use Jaxboards - thanks for texting me about the domain expiration. I've renewed it and updated the email address so that it won't happen again. :)
Jimmy : is anyone else posting here in 2016? I am
Bryan : WOOO!
Kesha : always impressed by jaxboards loyal fanbase
Bibby : JaxBoards4ever
JJstorm : NEVER!!! LIVE JB LIVE! Doctor!!!
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Kesha : sorry dude, i misclicked
Kesha : oh it was bibby's asking about admin/mod logs
Kesha : dont even know what it was
Kesha : oh shit i just accidently deleted a shout
sivart0 : hello everybody
Sean : I entirely forgot about them, sorry. I have most of it done
Sean : yes! I should have enough time tomorrow to finish them up
Sean : and done
Sean : actually, I have a few minutes. I'll go ahead and write that functionality in. :P
Corey : Too bad it's not that easy to delete a member :P
Sean : Just hover over any word filter and click the "X" that shows up
superdimentiobros : nevermind.
superdimentiobros : Quick question, is it possible to delete filtered words? Because I filtered "u" and "ur" as "you" and "your," thinking it would only filter them if they're words by themselves. I was wrong, and now my site's all messed up.
DarkfrostTGFM : yea, so i posted in support. not because i wanted to, but i need help lol
Bibby : In case anyone wants to see my forum's April Fools prank:
Bibby : Thanks.
Sean : #logo{display:none;}
Bibby : How do you hide the default forum logo in a skin? I forgot how to do that.
DarkfrostTGFM : Hey, Kat, whats your url. Ill help you with the Marquee scroll
Sean : rmnldr, post a topic or better shoot me a PM and I'll help you out
rmnldr : hi
rmnldr : wat
rmnldr : ...?
JJstorm : 1 whole year gone by without a change in the forum rules.
rmnldr : all I see is the wrapper thing in search
rmnldr : Can someone explain how I put a ticker on my forums
Bibby : Has anyone besides Mason had problems using JaxBoards with AdBlock enabled?
Kesha : keep track of how many of a certain thing a user gets
Kesha : just like a ratings log in the profile
Kesha : well not really the karma system but
Sean : that would be the "karma" system I planned on implementing, but haven't. if there's a demand for it, I'll do it
DarkfrostTGFM : okay cool. because like that way it counts Bad ratings and good ratings on thier posts.
Kesha : it probably wouldn't be too hard for sean to add something like that but i don't think anything like that exist
Kesha : like view that from their profiles?
DarkfrostTGFM : Hey, is there a way to keep a count of the number of ratings that a member recieves? Like a how many +1's and -1's?
Bibby : Interesting.
rmnldr : :D
rmnldr : actually I am right now
rmnldr : i might be making my own jaxboard
rmnldr : hi
rmnldr : :D
Jimmy : actully most
Jimmy : We've had this forum since SSF-SR reform and alot dont wanna loose it
Jimmy : current forum is
Jimmy : Sean, thing is no way I can convince everyone without showing them our data on here.
Bibby : How do you replace the background image in a skin with a gradient? I know this is probably a stupid question, but it's been ages since I've done much with CSS.
Bibby : Exactly.
Sean : only if you'll stay more than a week
Jimmy : sean, smf converter? :>
Bibby : Thanks! Don't believe the rumors it has something to do with April Fools Day.
Sean : and here it is!
Sean : I have a better version in my music library, I'll upload it and see what you think :P
Sean : let me know where I can get the mp3, and i'll host it for you
Bibby : Sean, would you be able to host an MP3 on your server for my April Fools prank? I know I could just link to YouTube, but we might be able to do some silly redirect or something if you host it.
Corey : Sean: Did you get my PM about the design? I didn't see it in my sent folders so I wasn't sure
Corey : Get one of those flash ones that makes you press play :P
Sean : yeah, I need to replace recaptcha. I was relying on them to filter out bots, but then it was cracked. I'll just get something else
Corey : I've only seen 2, just wasn't sure
Sean : are you having that problem corey? I've been needing to replace recaptcha for quite some time, it's been "solved" for a while now
Corey : Before I keep going with this service, is there a way to block Spam from signing up?
DarkfrostTGFM : OH SEAN. Is there a way to stop thoes "adfreeproxy" things from hacking onto my site?
DarkfrostTGFM : ikr XD. i mean i know my site is popular but i agree lmfao
DarkfrostTGFM : Our 132 users have made 324 topics with 1,240 posts
Sean : crawlers. I don't have a real way of IDing them unless I've already programmed them in, so they get counted as guests
Corey : I was wondering the same thing lol
Bibby : Why does JaxBoards sometimes have hundered or thousands of guests online?
DarkfrostTGFM : lol thanks. as you can see, ive been exploring with HTML coding. still not too good at it.
DarkfrostTGFM : im havin trouble with link to buttons XD
DarkfrostTGFM : posted in support
Sean : whatcha need?
Sean : hey darkfrost
DarkfrostTGFM : hey sean
Corey : I'm here
Sean : Sean reporting!
DarkfrostTGFM : Sean. Havin some coding error problems lol.
Corey : 10-4. you caught me at a bad time, again..
Sean : Hey Corey, I'll be on tonight after 9 PM. Got some errands to run.
Corey : Sean: I'll try to be on today from 4 ET - 12 ET as well.
Corey : I'll stay on here till about 1/2 ET then :P I appreciate the help Sean! It really is an amazing service.
Sean : I keep trying to catch you online :P I'll work with you 1 on 1 to get your board looking the way you want, if I can catch you
Corey : Tried that. #container{margin:auto;text-align:left;}
Sean : All you should have to do would be to just change the width of #container
Corey : Surely it's an easy CSS Fix.
Corey : Exactly, and center the forum to the middle of the page like it is on the website
Kesha : to get the board to match the header's width?
Kesha : oh are you trying
Corey : I tried changing the CSS. This is as far as I could get it: , And I'm trying to get it to look like:
Kesha : or make one rather lol
Kesha : i'm pretty sure the header image is a fixed image though so if you change the css you should find a new image for it
Kesha : i dont remember where it is off the top of my head but in the css the size of its there and you just expand it
Kesha : yep
Corey : Is there a way to stretch the header out ?
Sean : nice! :P
Clinr121 : I added jaxboards to Fiogle, my website of a php search engine.
Clinr121 : Also Sean. I run a IRC too.
Clinr121 : Good, and I am at your IRC.
Sean : Hello Clinr! What's crackin.
Clinr121 : Hello Sean.
Corey : nevermind, I figured out the Favicon :D