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Bibby : #MakeJaxboardsGreatAgain
Sean : Always good to know how many of you still use Jaxboards - thanks for texting me about the domain expiration. I've renewed it and updated the email address so that it won't happen again. :)
Jimmy : is anyone else posting here in 2016? I am
Bryan : WOOO!
Kesha : always impressed by jaxboards loyal fanbase
Bibby : JaxBoards4ever
JJstorm : NEVER!!! LIVE JB LIVE! Doctor!!!
Thomas : rip jaxboards
Mario_Man : not till i pull the plug, anyway
Mario_Man : we will never die
Time Lord
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A sleek sexy new light grey skin.

Preview board

 * Created by: Tav
 * For:
 * Modifcations are permitted provided this copyright remains
 * and Attribution to The original source of this skin is made.

Directions for installation:
Open both files below in your favorite plain text editor (notepad, gedit, geany, etc) copy the text within to the appropriate place in your ACP.

if you want it to automatically update any css changes (incase of bugs) then instead of pasting the css into the css area clear the all the text out of the area then paste this instead:
@import url("");

Edited by: Stephen, Aug 14th, 2012 @ 9:24 am
I broked it... Can you fix it Uncle Sean?
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I take JaxBoards seriously
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looks cool. like the idea of the hosted css too, so it can be updated easily; great move.
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