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sivart0 : we could put sivquest in this arcade :D
sivart0 : Moo
Kesha : Testing out Qutebrowser, works pretty good
Kesha : An HTML5 arcade would be cool, not sure how HTML5 games are distributed these days, wonder if there's a way to collect them for an arcade system?
Sean : finally got rid of the arcade link. Took a while to find where it was, lol
sivart0 : Hmmmm
sivart0 : Mobole test
momo : hi sean, i found a new php arcade and who adapted HTML game on it
Sean : I'm much better at it than I was back then for sure
sivart0 : anybody can write one, been done to death
Limit the maximum length for topic titles
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This would be a good feature to add to the Admin CP. One member on my forum has been known to create topic titles that are several lines long, which can be annoying.
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I agree it causes problems in themes/display of page, with a adjustable length of topic titles and descriptions that problem would be eliminated. Rather than topic titles/descriptions going on forever (so to speak) a simple "..." replacement would do just fine.
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