GTA V for PC PetetionSIGN OR DIE<a href="" rel="nofollow"> </a><br /> <br /> All in the link, sign and move on with your day. Thanks in advance, looking forward to playing on PC soon.<br /> 21Fri, 30 Aug 2013 10:45:24 +0000Kesha: I&#039;d rather them not have a PC version at all if they&#039;d do what they did with GTA4. Such a waste of my money and time trying to get it work well and it all could have been skipped if they just didn&#039;t release such an awful port at all.<br /> <br /> I&#039;m all for a PC port, but it has to be a good one!5Sat, 31 Aug 2013 22:56:45 +0000JJstorm:<div class="quote"><div class="quotee">Kesha</div>I&#039;m all for a PC port, but it has to be a good one!</div><br /> <br /> My feelings exactly. I played GTA V on the PS3 &amp; Xbox360 and I like the new visuals and all buuuttt its still GTA 4. Just prettier yay! Rockstar needs to listen to its fans better. Their games are fun to an extent. With mods,Fuck yes mega boner. My point, they bring it to PC, dev teams will give what the community wants. I dislike the GTA 4/5 &quot;realistic driving&quot; but, a tweek to the handlings will fix that right up thus, a enjoyble GTA addition rightful of being called GTA 5. Slip and slide is for kids on a hot summer day.<br /> <br /> 21Tue, 19 Nov 2013 22:37:37 +0000Thu, 28 Jan 2021 14:51:04 +0000