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sivart0 : we could put sivquest in this arcade :D
sivart0 : Moo
Kesha : Testing out Qutebrowser, works pretty good
Kesha : An HTML5 arcade would be cool, not sure how HTML5 games are distributed these days, wonder if there's a way to collect them for an arcade system?
Sean : finally got rid of the arcade link. Took a while to find where it was, lol
sivart0 : Hmmmm
sivart0 : Mobole test
momo : hi sean, i found a new php arcade and who adapted HTML game on it
Sean : I'm much better at it than I was back then for sure
sivart0 : anybody can write one, been done to death
SivList, pew pew
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  1. Googlebot needs a profile or its name not clickable in topics.
  2. Need to make it obvious that you need to scroll to advance page links because I'm stupid and there's probably somebody on this planet as stupid as me. - still not obvious, but better relative page links
  3. Posts need "Last Edited by"
  4. When you delete a category, give the option to delete all forums in that category.
  5. Topic titles and descriptions arent word filtered.

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holy shit, I've actually finished off someone's list!
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