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sivart0 : we could put sivquest in this arcade :D
sivart0 : Moo
Kesha : Testing out Qutebrowser, works pretty good
Kesha : An HTML5 arcade would be cool, not sure how HTML5 games are distributed these days, wonder if there's a way to collect them for an arcade system?
Sean : finally got rid of the arcade link. Took a while to find where it was, lol
sivart0 : Hmmmm
sivart0 : Mobole test
momo : hi sean, i found a new php arcade and who adapted HTML game on it
Sean : I'm much better at it than I was back then for sure
sivart0 : anybody can write one, been done to death
I take JaxBoards seriously
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Needs more (Post) Is it just me or are they backwards?
JaxBoards has disabled new forum creation (Post) Forum creation is back!
JaxBoards development on Github (Post) Lately I've been working on JaxBoards on Github. My goal is to get something you can install on your own system easily if you want to. There's a few other tweaks and updates that need to be made alongside that.

Check it out Here .

What I'm planning on working on is in the issues, here's a direct link to that .

This is mainly for research and fun (and maybe at some point doing updates to the service?); even with an installer and some updates I wouldn't exactly recommend you run Jaxboards on your own these days. (Although in my honest opinion, from a user-perspective I still think it's better than most other free options out there today.)
Whistleblower reveals Google adsense practices (Post)

I read through this and can't help thinking if this is real, this is likely exactly what happened with JaxBoards and its ads.
1st Class (Post) Is that the default skin on your board? Looks pretty nice.
Spam Issues + Inactivity (Post) I agree.

Though if someone wants to work on the source code I could always talk to Sean to push the changes to the service...
Spam Issues + Inactivity (Post) Yeah it's unfortunate, but I really couldn't advertise JaxBoards anymore in good faith since development halted and there's such a big spambot issue. I mean, it's nice that someone loves JaxBoards so much, it's just unfortunate that they're mostly Spambots!

I'll definitely continue to support this the best I can though, I don't think anything would break in the foreseeable future or anything either...
Spam Issues + Inactivity (Post) As this project is no longer being developed , the only real activity we've been getting here on the support forum has been from spambots registering. Because of this I set the registration to admin-validation and clear it every now and then. I don't plan on actually sorting through the list, just banning IPs that come up... If you need to register for whatever reason or your IP was banned mistakenly, drop me an email at and I'll get you through the queue.

I've also closed down the community section of this site, since it hasn't been used much, if at all, since 2011. The support sections will remain open for those who need support, although I can't guarantee speedy support since I don't check this place too often (something around once a week). If you need support urgently post it on the forum AND drop me an email at and I'll try to resolve your issue.

I have talked to Sean and as long as people are using JaxBoards, the service will stay up. So don't worry about things going down or anything like that. I'll definitely forward any major issues to Sean if there are any.