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sivart0 : we could put sivquest in this arcade :D
sivart0 : Moo
Kesha : Testing out Qutebrowser, works pretty good
Kesha : An HTML5 arcade would be cool, not sure how HTML5 games are distributed these days, wonder if there's a way to collect them for an arcade system?
Sean : finally got rid of the arcade link. Took a while to find where it was, lol
sivart0 : Hmmmm
sivart0 : Mobole test
momo : hi sean, i found a new php arcade and who adapted HTML game on it
Sean : I'm much better at it than I was back then for sure
sivart0 : anybody can write one, been done to death
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Sean : Basically, jaxboards has a meta-tag system that allows you to change any HTML whatever skin you're working with uses. They're called MTags:
Sean : Oh, of course there is a way. It just isn't as easy as it should be.
Corey : And I suppose there's no way to change the forum index images for new posts/no new posts?
Corey : Main thing is changing the buttons on the topic view to have the quote/edit/etc buttons on the bottom right and editting my navigation a little.
Sean : Depends on what you're wanting to get done.
Corey : Are there any modifications available?
Bibby : Nice to see some action for once.
Bibby : 13 users online today: Bibby, Clinr121, crazymonkey556, Dazzle, DragezeeY, Fujiko, Kesha, Miles, Mitchellsuperstar, Nite_Shadow, Sean, Superdimentiobros, Wason
Bibby : Sounds great.
Sean : anyway, I'm off. I should have all of this stuff uploaded in a couple of hours
Sean : It's not too much trouble, just an interesting problem to solve. I like interesting problems!
Bibby : As long as it's not too much trouble, that would be quite useful.
Sean : I've never seen another forum software that allows you to undo actions, I always wondered why that was. Seems like undoing actions would be a great addition
Bibby : Awesome. Thanks!
Sean : I'm also working on an "Undo" function, so you can just click "Undo" on any action to reverse it. That's proving to be a bit tough to do
Sean : Yeah, I finished up mod/acp logs for the most part. There's still a few actions I have to record, but I have all of the main stuff.
Bibby : That's good, I guess. Did you do any JaxBoards work?
Sean : he's slept most of the day
Sean : He's been having chills/fevers for 2 days now
Bibby : How's he feeling?
Sean : time to go home and upload my changes. yippee! I stayed with my grandpa all day, he's got a terrible case of pneumonia. :\
DarkfrostTGFM : WTh. theres a huge problem
Stephen : Good show!
Bibby : Cool. Thanks!
Mario_Man : DISCOBOT
Sean : Bibby, I'm on the way to getting Mod/ACP logs out by tomorrow. :)
Bibby : DiscoBot. A new robotic friend!
DarkfrostTGFM : XD i went to go shut down my site so i can do un interrupted updates, but when i did. it was still up
Bibby : Wake up, JaxBoards Support!
Bibby : 1 User Online Today: Bibby
Jimmy : boom
DarkfrostTGFM : Our 113 users have made 232 topics with 853 posts. Newest Member: former_guardian
Kesha : Kinda pointless to use an ajax forum in a text-only browser though lol
Kesha : Jaxboards looks pretty decent in Links
JJstorm : Spice up the support for with a little ASTEROIDS !
Bibby : And kangaroos are 20 feet tall.
Mario_Man : where women glow and men plunder
Mario_Man : i wonder if he comes from a land down under
Kesha : i wonder if that spambot is officially endorsed by the Australian government
Bibby : I wanted to immigrate there.
Bibby : Looks like the All About Australia spambot got banned.
Bibby : Good luck Dark!
sivart0 : heh, you might have a successful forum going. good job
DarkfrostTGFM : and check that out
DarkfrostTGFM : Our 109 users have made 195 topics with 693 posts. Newest Member: metalbrains
DarkfrostTGFM : Thanks 4 the help Kesh!
Bibby : In a way. I think forums with a very specific purpose have the best chances of succeeding today.
sivart0 : forums are a dead art form :/
Bibby : My 50 users don't make posts any more. Myself included.
DarkfrostTGFM : catchin up XD
DarkfrostTGFM : Our 106 users have made 191 topics with 664 posts. Newest Member: xbraveheartx
Bibby : Exactly.
Kesha : yeah its probably really easy to get viruses and such out from a site like facebook, it's just that it's a centralized thing so people assume its moderated or something like that; in practice though its probably not
Bibby : Especially since Facebook has tons of spambot users and spambot-generated pages.
Bibby : The perception, yes. In reality, a hacker is probably more likely to attack Facebook than a random forum like, say, this one.
Kesha : 's there)
Kesha : (the reality is facebook isn't really a very "safe" site! but if the idea is there, it
Kesha : well i think that's a huge advantage that facebook has over other sites that i never really considered before- it'd be considered a "safe" website compared to other ones when it comes to viruses and other spooky computer stuff
Bibby : The good news is most people don't care.
Bibby : That said, while I can't say I've ever posted anything embarassing on a forum before, you can find out a lot about any person who's made a lot of posts on a forum.
Bibby : I've never heard of mainstream forum software having viruses.
Kesha : but yeah I guess I never really considered the threat of viruses on forums; there's probably plenty of them out there with that kind of problem
Kesha : well as far as info collection goes, I'm sure Facebook is the king of that and people still use it lol
DarkfrostTGFM : its cuz the places like this are dangerous for viruses and what not. people can get soo much from you on a little site.
Bibby : Maybe. Though I think the main reason message boards are dying isn't privacy (since most people never think about that), but cannibalization from Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, etc.
Kesha : something like facebook connect (and other services too) might be a good idea to get people to use forums... as well as a way for people to pack their shit up and leave cuz user control of data is a big thing nowadays and i think it's important anyway
Kesha : it tells me, "Events from one or more calendars could not be shown here because you do not have the permission to view them."
DarkfrostTGFM : it isnt public?
Bibby : I tend to wonder whether message boards in general are a dying breed.
Bibby : Part of me wonders whether it's time to throw in the towel as far as promoting my forum is concerned...
Kesha : though it looks like you need to set yours to be public
Kesha : I'd recommend just using Google Calendar
DarkfrostTGFM : i have a temp. google calendar on my board index lol
DarkfrostTGFM : Well, i cant find a good code. And I REALLY NEED A CALENDAR
sivart0 : best joke ever
sivart0 : ahahahaha, features on jaxboards.
Bibby : That would be a nice thing to have - but I don't know if it'll happen.
DarkfrostTGFM : when will we be able to get a calendar that can be updated with things? or can you guys find a new code for one?
sivart0 : hahahaha, android market keeps crashing on me
Mario_Man : oy vey!
Kesha : only until we discover meta-space
Mario_Man : good answer
sivart0 : no, space is the final frontier
Mario_Man : space is the place
sivart0 : or something
Kesha : you know facebook's taken over the internet when it's telling you you're leaving facebook when you were never even on it in the first place...
sivart0 : meh, that works
sivart0 : wait
sivart0 : hahahaha
Bibby : Exciting!
Matt : I went to my first raging structure fire last night!!!!!!!!
sivart0 : hmmmm no ajax :(
sivart0 : test
Stephen : i mean :(
Stephen : awww sadface
Matt : Sigh... I was going to try and implement a syntax highlighter but theres no custom BBCodes -.-